Pastor: Rev. Dr. James W. Sinclair

Dear Friends

Recently I have been reading "Got Style?" It is a wonderful book about evangelism. Written by the Rev. Dr. Jeffrey A. Johnson and published by Judson Press, the book is a helpful guide for those of us who would like to try doing some evangelism as long as the way we do it fits our personality, or "style." After all, at its heart, evangelism is simply sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

Some kinds of evangelism take little time and effort and other kinds take more time and more work. There are many ways that evangelism can be done, and it is almost certain that there is a style of evangelism that suits you.

Beginning sometime in September or early October I will be preaching a series of sermons on evangelism. In addition to the Bible I will be using Jeff's book. It is my hope to have several copies of the book available for your use during the sermon series.

In my previous life as an Area Minister for the American Baptist Churches of Massachusetts I had the distinct pleasure of being trained by Jeff in the "Got Style?" process in a few of our region's churches. In fact, at about the time you will be reading this column I will be leading or just recently have lead two "Got Style?" workshops at this year's Annual Gathering of the American Baptist Churches of Massachusetts. As you might guess, I have a passion for this work and look forward to sharing it with you in the months ahead.

Late this summer or early fall I will begin to share with you what it is all about, with the hope that you too are or will become excited about evangelism, especially once you discover there is a way to do it that fits who you are already.

In anticipation, I ask that we pray for God's blessings to flow throughout the upcoming sermon series and for the Holy Spirit to lead us towards a future that, though none of us can see it right now, will nonetheless be one that will give glory to God.

Blessings Always,