Statement of Faith

The Mission Statement of the First Baptist Church In Waltham, Massachusetts

The Mission of the First Baptist Church in Waltham is to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ through witness, prayer, and service; and to make a spiritual home where all will feel welcome as we cooperate with denominations in furthering the Kingdom of God.

A Brief History of the First Baptist Church in Waltham, Massachusetts

On August 17, 1852 residents of the North side of Waltham were notified of a meeting “to be held under the direction of the Baptist denomination.”  On November 4, 1852, a church was organized and Reverend Martin Bickford became its first pastor.

For three years the meetings on Sunday were held in Rumford Hall, the site of the present City Hall.

The church building which was erected in 1855 at the corner of Charles and Moody Streets was dedicated February 14, 1856.

At a special business meeting of the church in January, 1962, it was voted to move to a new site, and to build a new church nearer the center of membership.  On February 9, 1964, 400 Lexington Street was dedicated.

Article III Of the Constitution of the First Baptist Church in Waltham, Massachusetts

Government and Fellowship

Recognizing Jesus Christ as the only head of the Church, the government of this church is vested in its members who exercise the right to control all its affairs.  It is amenable to no other ecclesiastical body, but it accepts the obligations of mutual counsel, comity and cooperation involved in the free fellowship of the American Baptist Convention [now the American Baptist Churches, USA (], and pledges itself to share its common aims and work.  This church is in direct fellowship with the Samuel Stillman Association, Massachusetts [now the American Baptist Churches of Massachusetts (] and American Baptist Conventions, and with all churches which seek to promote the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.  This church is also in active fellowship with the National Council of Churches.

Full Constitution and Bylaws