Pastor Frank’s Letter to the FBC Community – July / August 2020

Dear beloved members, friends and family in Christ Jesus,

It has been a while since I last wrote to you during this time of crisis and uncertainty. However, be assured that ministry has continued, albeit in a way that is unequalled and has demanded a tremendous amount of time and creativity to keep our ministry and mission alive. Many of our leadership and members have kept in contact regularly through letters, zoom meetings, telephone calls, prayer, and our streaming service every Sunday which I pray has been a blessing of combined labor for all.

I pray for you and am grateful for your faithfulness. Now, we are facing a time when critical decisions need to be made concerning opening the doors of the church. Already, plans have been made and implemented to assure the greatest amount of safety possible and we are still targeting September 13th as phase One opening of the church.

However, please know that we will not be returning to what we once knew as “The Norm.” And the way we do mission and ministry will need to take on a new face and emphasis. As of now, we really don’t know exactly what that will look like, but want to assure you that it will be a “New Norm” filled with excitement, great fellowship and worship together to honor our work for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Now, as I hope you know, Debbie Tyman has recently written and sent out a wonderful letter describing the things we have already done before officially opening which I hope you have received and read carefully. I see the most encouraging aspect of that letter is in the fact that we have more than exceeded state and federal guidelines as well as recommendations by the CDC. I do pray that you will feel safe and know that our work has been one of love and concern for all ages.

I am also aware that some of us do not feel comfortable returning in September. Please know that I personally encourage you to make your own decision without feeling any pressure to return until you feel ready. Know also that we will continue to live stream our services and are ready to meet all of your spiritual needs as members and friends of this Body!

For those desiring to return in September, I want you to know that we will only open depending on the status of containment provided by the State of Massachusetts. As I have stated numerous times in the past, if you have any questions or concerns PLEASE feel free to contact me at 781-820-6122 or by email at Finally, I want to encourage everyone to continue supporting our ministry through your prayers, tithes, offerings, and gifts.

In Christ,

Pastor Frank